Who We Are

A solar eclipse glasses company that was founded for the purpose of improving vision, safety, and style.

Our Story

We started our company in 2017 when there was a total solar eclipse in the US. We felt that people should be able to enjoy this beautiful miracle without putting themselves in danger.

Thus our founder came up with the idea of building a trustworthy brand around solar eclipse glasses. And these glasses will be made from the best polymer material that would 100% protect the eyes from ultraviolet and infrared rays during an eclipse.

This way, everyone could experience this amazing natural phenomenon without any worries.
“We all get so distracted and busy in our lives that we forget to enjoy rare celestial miracles. My aim in life has always been to help people connect with nature while also protecting them from its destructiveness”

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that adults and children get to enjoy an eclipse without the fear of eye damage. We want our customers to experience celestial beauty through our glasses while being fully protected.
The harmful UV sun rays during an eclipse can cause some serious eye damage, but our CE and ISO certified glasses are here to fully prevent that.
Building a sense of trust with each and every one of our customers is a huge deal for us because customer satisfaction is what our brand aims for.


We always aim to combine protection with style because let’s face it—no one wants to look ugly, even when they’re wearing protective glasses for just a few minutes.


Our solar eclipse glasses are made from scratch-resistant black polymer, making them extremely long lasting.

CE & ISO Certified

Eclipse glasses are CE & ISO certified, giving you guaranteed protection from harmful sun rays.

100% UV Protection

Get an amazing view of the eclipse and 100% protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Scratch Resistant

Our Solar Eclipse Glasses are durable with scratch-resistant black polymer for longevity.

Prepared to witness the
Solar Eclipse with our glasses?