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88 reviews for Wholesale Solar Eclipse Glasses

  1. Kelly

    I intend to use these glasses for viewing the 2024 total eclipse. I tested them during the recent annular eclipse (which was partial in my location), and they performed wonderfully. The sun appeared as a nice yellow-orange disc, neatly and clearly covered (partially in the test case) by the moon. I particularly appreciate that it comes with some cheaper ones that can be shared with anyone in need. We’re looking forward to using them in April 2024.

  2. Jonathan

    I had these shipped to my mom’s house for the April 8th eclipse next year, as she lives where NASA is planning to observe from. I used them to watch the partial eclipse earlier this month. They’re very comfortable, and I appreciate that the sides block out additional light. I bought these for myself and five others for people who will be with me. The others let in quite a bit of light, but not these. Additionally, I used one pair of the paper glasses, tore them apart, and taped them over my phone lens. It resulted in some great shots.

  3. Bryan

    It’s okay. That’s all I can say about it. I paid more at the last minute because of the solar eclipse on the 14th. I overpaid. This is worth maybe $1, and I think I paid close to $5.

  4. Emily

    Quite expensive for one pair, and they arrived just an hour before the eclipse started, but I’m glad I had the chance to see it with these, considering I ordered just one week before and these were nowhere to be found. I got very lucky. As for the product itself, it was undamaged and worked perfectly, everything was totally black except for the sun. I’m definitely keeping these until 2024!

  5. Irene

    The glasses functioned well. The eclipse was incredible!

  6. Chris

    Unfortunately, I delayed ordering my solar eclipse glasses until after the prices had increased significantly. However, the glasses did arrive in time, were as described, and worked as expected. Even though we live in South Carolina, we didn’t experience the full eclipse; we estimate we saw between 97 and 99 percent of it. Nevertheless, it was an amazing phenomenon, and we were glad to witness it in person, in our own driveway, with only minor cloud cover. God certainly provides entertainment as long as you take the time to watch for it.

  7. Jane

    The glasses are wonderful. It was a fantastic experience to share with my family watching the solar eclipse.

  8. Delores

    I purchased these glasses to watch the annular solar eclipse on October 14, 2023. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive them in time, so I can’t provide a review.

  9. Ronald

    These glasses worked excellently. I got them for anyone in my group who didn’t have glasses, and they performed well. Everyone was comfortable and happy.

  10. Joanna

    I used them during the last annular eclipse in October 2023, and they provided perfect vision, good quality, and were very durable. I still have the ones I used, and I will surely use them for the total eclipse in April 2024.

  11. Miranda

    They work just fine!

  12. Forest

    Ordered for the office to view the eclipse together, and they worked great!

  13. Leeann

    Exactly what I needed for the limited use it will have, and it will store well in the included storage bag.

  14. Diana

    I receive numerous compliments on these sunglasses. You can simply flip them up when indoors or whenever needed without having to take them off. This is my second time purchasing them.

  15. Scott

    I just used these to view the “ring of fire,” and they worked wonderfully. They were much more convenient to wear than the paper type that many people had. They’re more expensive, of course, but also much more durable. They will still be in good condition for the eclipse in April, especially since they come with a nice cover.

  16. Rajan

    Reasonably priced. Exactly as pictured and shipped very quickly.

  17. Joseph

    The glasses were of great quality and arrived sooner than promised. I would definitely recommend these to everyone. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  18. Lisa

    Excellent service, arrived promptly. Items are individually wrapped, making it easy to share them with family and friends. These are for the total solar eclipse in April. Looking forward to a wonderful eclipse.

  19. Derek

    They arrived in record time, still in their original wrapping. Looking forward to this once-in-a-lifetime event!

  20. Dan

    Very good price for the quantity; they seem to be functional and durable.

  21. Robbin

    I’m pleased with the quality of my solar eclipse glasses.

  22. Aidan

    Good product.

  23. Emily

    The eclipse glasses arrived promptly and were well-packaged. I tested one pair, and they performed exactly as advertised.

  24. Ray

    Waiting for an eclipse to truly test the glasses, but they appear to be suitable for welding.

  25. Kelsi

    I’ll be using them on April 8th. Very satisfied with the quality and price, and they were delivered in a timely manner.

  26. Lee

    I haven’t used the solar eclipse glasses yet, but the service from the company is outstanding.

  27. Greg

    Delivery was incredibly fast. I am pleased with the product. All set for the totality party!

  28. Diane

    I will know how good they are once we are able to actually look at the eclipse. They seem well put together.

  29. Normalisia

    The glasses arrived promptly and without any shipping damage. Check back with me in May, and I’ll let you know how they worked for the April eclipse. I used your glasses a couple of years ago for the total eclipse in Kentucky, which is why I ordered these.

  30. Clayton

    I haven’t had the chance to use these yet, but they should do the trick.

  31. Neil

    They arrived promptly and fit okay when we tried them on. That’s all we can say for now, as the total eclipse isn’t until April, but we’re really looking forward to it!

  32. Ricardo

    They’re exactly what I needed for my grandson to view the eclipse with.

  33. Tracey

    These glasses are good; make sure to get them before the eclipse! They do a great job of protecting your eyes.

  34. Rick

    They look good; I’m just waiting for an eclipse to use them, haha.

  35. Stephanie

    Excellent quality; they are exactly as they appear.

  36. Clyde

    A set of very nice disposable solar glasses. With a solar eclipse coming up, everyone will be wearing these to watch it! Yay!!

  37. John

    Perfect for the upcoming eclipse.

  38. Sarah

    I haven’t tried them yet, but the eclipse is coming in April, so we’ll see. Lol.


    Can’t wait. We missed out last time, but not this time. We’ll be ready!

  40. Katharine

    As described. Quick delivery.

  41. Jordyn

    I ordered them online, and they were shipped promptly within 2 days, thanks. I hope to use them in April 2024.

  42. Diane

    Happy with them, although they could be slightly larger.

  43. Dorean

    Looking forward to the eclipse. These glasses work well and were not expensive. They are better than cheap knock-offs.

  44. Monica

    These will be perfect for the guys at work to watch the eclipse. I hope they will last long enough for me to see several more eclipses in the future. The shades are well-made for what they are.

  45. Karen

    I ordered these for the upcoming April Eclipse. They are excellent quality at a fair price. I prefer these over the foreign-made brands of eclipse glasses.

  46. TARA

    The glasses are fantastic! My friends found these glasses to be superior in quality and optics compared to the ones they had.

  47. Jamie

    Extremely pleased.

  48. Stacey

    Very nice product, with great customer service. The order was timely, and I’m extremely satisfied!

  49. Accounts

    Our family is ready for this year’s eclipse! The product is well-crafted.

  50. Tara

    These glasses are excellent. They comfortably fit both young and old, and even accommodated those wearing their regular glasses. A great product at a reasonable price.

  51. Cecily

    I love all the colors and designs. My friends and grandkids are going to love them.

  52. Courtney

    No eclipse yet! Haven’t used them yet! They’re too dark to see through, so just waiting for April 8, 2024, to watch the eclipse with my grandsons, family, and friends. I guess I’ll keep the dog inside, though he’s probably the only one with the innate sense not to look!

  53. Alexandra

    Arrived promptly. Product is of high quality and as described.

  54. Paul

    Excellent product. Shipping was incredibly fast!

  55. Deanne

    I love these glasses! They arrived in perfect condition. I can’t wait to use them.

  56. Eric

    The glasses are amazing and ship incredibly fast! I and following you on social media because your eclipse posts are filled with interesting and informative facts. Thank you for everything!

  57. Melissa

    Quick delivery! Thank you!

  58. Matthew

    User-friendly website for easy purchasing. Fast delivery. Great price. Waiting for the eclipse now.

  59. Donna

    These eclipse glasses are excellent. The images are clear and not distorted. At an event, I was given a different brand, but the eclipse appeared distorted, so I switched to these, and they worked perfectly. I’ll definitely be ordering again for 2024.

  60. Karen

    Service was incredibly fast. Thank you!

  61. Kip

    These glasses were ideal and very affordable. With a bit of effort, we were even able to use them to take photos of the eclipse with our phones.

  62. Robert

    I purchased these for my daughter, a 5th grade science teacher in Alice, TX. They arrived in time to be distributed to the kids, who were thrilled and even returned most of them to be saved for the April eclipse. Thank you so much!

  63. Aron

    Fantastic product, wonderful team, and smooth transaction. I highly recommend Solar Eyeglasses! Excited for a SPECTACULAR experience on Eclipse Day!

  64. Moore

    These glasses effectively blocked the sun when I tested them, so I’m all set for April 8 here in Vermont! That is, of course, if the skies are clear, which would be amazing.

  65. Tara

    Arrived on time in excellent condition, just as described.

  66. Dan and Melissa

    Ordered previously and they were a big hit!

  67. Sue

    The shipment arrived quickly – I’m just waiting for the eclipse before I can comment further on the effectiveness of the glasses. Based on my experience, I have also referred them to others!

  68. Cheryl

    I haven’t used the new ones yet, but I specifically chose this brand because they were my best pair for the 2017 total eclipse. I’ve also used them for partial eclipses in primary school.

  69. Phoebe

    Excellent, affordable glasses for viewing the eclipse, which I am eagerly waiting for.

  70. John

    I bought these glasses for myself and my family members, so I tested them thoroughly first. I’ve looked at the sun several times with them, and there’s no discomfort or brightness through the lenses; the sun appears as an orange color, about as bright as a full moon. I didn’t experience any discomfort afterward, nor any noticeable afterimage or irritation. They arrived quickly and seem to be adequate for the upcoming eclipse.

  71. Ann

    They seem like they will be effective and safe. I did the test where you look at a bright light, and I couldn’t see anything through them.

  72. Ashley

    We had received different glasses for the eclipse, but my son brought home this pair from school, and EVERYONE wanted to use them. They were perfect for viewing the sun, so I purchased some for my entire family!

  73. Jay

    Excellent quality and approved by AAS.

  74. Michael

    Loved these! They came in a pack of 10, so I have extras to share for the events!


    Extremely satisfied with the eclipse glasses and the exceptional service.

  76. Fawn

    Very happy with both the service and the product. Thank you!

  77. Lydia

    I was thrilled to receive these for the upcoming North American solar eclipse in April 2024. They arrived just in time to test them on a clear February afternoon before sunset. The sunglasses – and the two extra paper versions – worked exactly as expected. I’m heading to Mazatlan to enjoy the event on the beach. If there are any kids nearby in need, I’ll give them the paper glasses so they can also enjoy it safely.

  78. Alice

    I used a pair of these for the October solar eclipse, just like almost everyone else. I’m pleased with this specific product. It provides a warm, natural light orange hue and makes solar viewing easy and safe. The glasses arrived well-packaged and worked perfectly. Thanks!

  79. Julie

    Good product!

  80. Tracy

    I bought these for the eclipse in october, and they will be coming with me to New York in April for the next eclipse.

  81. Jenni

    Fast shipping! The glasses arrived as described, in good condition and my family and I are looking forward to using them for the April 2024 eclipse. This was also the best price I found amoung many others for the same item. Will definetly be sharing this product with anyone who asks – and even those who don’t – where to get some nice solar glasses at a good price.

  82. Scott Sivill

    Found them on the Internet. Price was reasonable and so was shipping cost. Ordered the solar glasses that we needed and received them in the mail a few days later. Very pleased with their service!

  83. Mark

    Very fast, good price.

  84. Jennifer Campbell

    Quick and easy process to purchase and get the product delivered. Thank you!

  85. Theresa DeLong

    Great value, good quality for the price, and the shipping was lightning fast. Well done!

  86. Tracy (verified owner)

    Super pleased with packaged product. Great service and quick shipping. I have ordered multiple times and have never had any issues.

  87. Joseph Reynolds

    Very nice I can’t wait to use them they came in very quickly

  88. Angela (verified owner)

    Ordered these wholesale. I was expecting an assortment as pictured. We ended up with 1000 of the American flag. Well priced, would have been more comfortable with 50 count. Shipping was fast, less than a week. Giving four star because the website gives the impression of the assortment. I was disappointed.

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Get your students, customers, or event attendees ready for the 2024 solar eclipse with the best safety and clear vision.
As the leading supplier of solar eclipse glasses in the USA, we’re here to make sure large groups can watch this amazing event safely and clearly, making us the first choice for:

  • Institutions: Schools, colleges, universities.

  • Resellers: Wholesalers and retailers.

  • Event Organizers: State parks, clubs, libraries, museums.

5 Reasons to Choose Solar Eyeglasses for Your Next Bulk Order

  • Top Safety: Our glasses are more than just AAS-approved and ISO-certified; they’re a promise of the highest safety against harmful UV and infrared rays, giving peace of mind to all viewers.
  • Best Visual Experience: See the eclipse like never before with our advanced silver polymer lenses, designed to block out 99.999% of intense visible light and show the eclipse’s stunning details.
  • Comfort for Everyone: Solar Eyeglasses are made to comfortably fit every viewer, from excited children to adults, making sure everyone can join in this amazing event.
  • Cost-Effective Bulk Pricing: We’ve structured our pricing to make it cost-effective for those requiring large quantities. The more you order, the more you save, allowing you to distribute or resell glasses with ease.


Lightning-Fast Delivery!

Place your order, and we’ll ship it on the same day!

Depending on your location and the weather conditions, expect to receive your bulk order within 2-3 days, or even the next day in some cases.

We pride ourselves on being the fastest in the US because we know that every second counts.

Act Now: Get Ready for the 2024 Eclipse with Bulk Orders

The Big Event Is Closer Than You Think

The 2024 solar eclipse is going to be huge. Everyone will want to watch, which means everyone will need eclipse glasses. Demand will skyrocket as the event draws near.

Why Order Early?

  • Avoid the Rush: In 2017, eclipse glasses sold out fast, and prices went up. This time, the eclipse will be even bigger. Ordering early means you won’t miss out.
  • Secure Your Supply: Make sure you have enough glasses for your school, store, or event. Don’t let your group be the ones without glasses when the eclipse comes.
  • Keep Costs Down: Prices can jump as the eclipse gets closer and glasses become scarce. Order now to lock in lower prices.

Expert Advice

Dr. Angela Des Jardins from NASA says it best: “Get your eclipse glasses early.” The closer we get to the eclipse, the harder it will be to find glasses.

Ready, Set, Order!

Whether you’re stocking up for a school, planning to sell glasses, or organizing a viewing event, now is the time to order. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Secure your eclipse glasses today and make sure everyone can safely enjoy the 2024 solar eclipse!

Lastly, let’s address a common question:

What certifications should one look for when purchasing solar eclipse glasses?

When buying in bulk, the primary concern is the safety and effectiveness of the glasses. Look for the following key certifications and standards:

  • ISO Certification: ISO 12312-2 is the international standard for safe solar viewing. Ensure the glasses comply with this standard, indicating they have been tested and proven to block harmful solar radiation effectively.
  • American Astronomical Society (AAS) Approval:
  • Purchase from AAS-approved vendors, listed by the American Astronomical Society, to ensure compliance with the ISO 12312-2 standard. This adds an extra layer of assurance. Click here to check the list.

Solar Eyeglasses is proud to be both AAS approved and ISO Certified, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality!

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